Saturday, 21 November 2009

Evolution is true!

Journal of Imaginary Sciences, Vol 29, 2009
So we were talking about Evolution says Creationist Scientist

Creation Scientists admitted to day that they may have been discussing Evolution in their writings. This occurred after scientists pointed out a recent entry in Answers Research Journal happened to suggest Evolution.

The entry: Purdom, G, 2009, The Role of Genomic Islands, Mutation, and Displacement in the Origin of Bacterial Pathogenicity, Answers Research Journal 2: 133-150. indicated that mutations may have occurred in bacteria which then were naturally selected for in their environment.

"On examination of this paper we find that this does indeed contain aspects of Darwinian theory" stated Ken Ham, "However, we feel that this suits the creation model as it describes Evolution according to the Bible. Thus we propose that Evolution is merely the mechanism described in the Bible."

When pointed out that the Bible contradicted the current model of Evolution Ken stated: "Ah, however, this is our version and I'm sure with a little research we'll be able to make an argument."

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