Monday, 21 December 2009

Merry Christmas, now bugger off and steal something else from another winter solstice festival

Well after a hiatus caused by massive workloads, I'm back and ready to write.

Yesterday I had tremendous fun turning away Christian missionaries from the door. I was just about to make dinner for me and my girlfriend when I hear a knock on the door. Next thing I know, I've got two soberly dressed young men asking me if I've heard of the good news from the gospel. And of course, when I politely suggest they move on as I'm not interested and they must be getting cold, they offer to come in!

I have this regularly every month with people who wish to convert me and my girlfriend. I'm currently contemplating which is the best way to get them to leave us alone. Currently, I'm contemplating a counter-campaign of simply asking them if they would appreciate someone trying to convert them to Islam or Atheism. This ideal, whilst appealing, has the regrettable tendency for religious blindness, i.e., they will simply come up with the fact that they have a book which is right, no matter what the other religion says.

Other ideas would be appreciate, but please, I'm looking for the novelty of breaking their pattern of thinking, not trying to frighten them away. Hard to do but...

More to come soon.


  1. During my younger more liberal days I used to debate with jehovahs witnesses. Due to living within 3 miles of a jehovahs college I was fair game. Week 1 talked the witness to a standstill asked if they could come back. Week 2 talked the same person and instructo to a standstill, asked if they could come back. Week 3 senior lecturer, lecturer and original witness showed me bible predictions for the future, I said if ever they came to pass I would convert straight away. All left happy. Week 4 2 sixteen year olds in miniskirts on the doorstep, I said now you're not playing fair and slammed the door. Never saw them again. Still waiting for predictions to start coming true.

  2. Well whilst I would love to take the time to do so, its rather not appropriate whilst making food! Unfortunately they haven't come back for me to try new techniques on them. Although I would recommend reading my latest article which should be up in about 10 minutes from now. ;)