Saturday, 13 June 2009

Censorship and free journals

Hello and welcome to another week.

Today several news items have caught my eye. Firstly, I would like to bring to attention this video:

As we can see, the DI seem to have been caught filing illegal claims. Besides the obvious legal problems with this, it is clearly an act of a black hole coloured kettle describing the "apparent" matte finish of the pot. These are people who complain science is out to censor them. Its clear what they want is simply to impose their own idiocies in place of actual science. As a result, I'm happily putting up (in big flashing lights) DonExodus's video here. Maybe I'll put it up next week too.........

Onwards to my life. Now on my course, there are people that despite my own bemusement, believe in creationism and want to become science teachers. Whilst I have only minor unvoiced problems (any problems that occur due to this are going to be thankfully away from me), I don't enjoy it when I get preached at. I'm not religious, I don't want to talk about God, I just want to get on with my life. As I was leaving college the other day, I get one of my coursemates proceeding to engage me in a conversation on my opinions. Whilst I am happy to explain my opinions, I do expect a degree of respect for them. If I say I am agnostic, it is respectful to understand why I said that, because quite simply I don't know if there is a God and I find them utterly impossible to prove. However, stating my opinion is crap and is fence sitting shows a certain stupidity which I do object to.

Another habit I have is reading science books when I have free time before/after/during my classes. I enjoy learning about science and opinions on it from professionals. So when I get the forementioned person commenting on my reading material (its crap) I do get annoyed, especially when this person a) is a YEC and b) has never read these books. I don't know about you, but having this shoved in your face is irritating to the extreme and whilst I would usually ignore it, today you lucky people have a page of ranting from yours truly.

Onward to something cheerful. I found this enjoyable link today which allows you to subscribe to a free Evolution Education journal. Simply register and the articles are free.

Please enjoy and may I add, thank you for those scientists setting this wonderful journal up.

Enjoy the rest of the articles this week.

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