Saturday, 5 September 2009

And we're back

After a long summer, I have finally got my net sorted again and I am happily typing new stories for the Journal. Hopefully, over the next few weeks whilst I have a lot of leisure time, I am planning to devise new stories with the extensive material I've gathered during my free time reading.

Over the holidays I managed to read 2 great books, Bad Science by Ben Goldacre and The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins.

Bad Science, by Ben Goldacre covers the world of bad medicine mainly. It looks at practices such as Homeopathy and Nutritionalists and covers the problems with their science. It explains how scientific fraud can be carried out and how to detect it. With its analytical nature and good writing, I feel this is one book I would definitely recommend for anyone interested in delving in a more complicated side of the pseudosciences. After reading it I

The Blind Watchmaker is another of Richard Dawkins books. In this book Dawkins analyses the criticisms with Evolution and how they are overcome as well as presenting his own views on the various stances in Evolutionary Biology. A great comprehensive and accessible guide to the subject which helped me learn more about the ideas behind it as well as open my eyes to other aspects such as convergent Evolution.

Finally, we mention this week's Journal entry, water memory. I found this particular link to the wiki fascinating:


  1. It's good to see you back online, it turns out that you started posted again 3 hours before I started Club Workshed back up, snap!

    I'm surprised that you took so long to get to Bad Science, although I do have to admit that I have yet to purchase the Blind Watchmaker.

    I've recently listened to some really good audiobooks that I'd definitely recommend to you - "God is not Great" (Christopher Hitchens), "the End of Faith" (Sam Harris) and "Why I am not a Christian" (Bertrand Russell) are all really well read, check them out.

  2. Bad Science simply took me so long because I got it for my birthday, I'm planning to get other books from the library so that I can fill some gaps in my knowledge. Next up is a River out of Eden.