Sunday, 29 March 2009

Fossil Fly found with hook attached. Adnan Oktar vindicated.

Journal of Imaginary Sciences Vol 5 (2009),

Fossil Fly found with hook attached. Adnan Oktar vindicated.

The paleontological world was in shock today as a rare fossil fly was found to have a hook sticking out of its behind. The fossil, found preserved in amber, confirms the hypothesis made by Muslim creationist, Harun Yayha, also known as Adnan Oktar.

Adun Oktar was noted for producing a spectacular book called “The Atlas of Creation”, which stated that species have never changed and instead went extinct. This idea was ridiculed throughout the scientific community, especially as the book contained photographs of what appeared to be fish lures for fly fishing. However, this new find has confounded palaeo-entomologists across the globe.

“This is extraordinary! It turns everything on its head” says Dr Bee-keeper of the Unseen University “All this time we’ve jokingly dismissed Harun Yayha for the apparently fake photographs he had and yet we find this! The text books have to be re-written.”

Evolutionists were also throwing up their hands with dismay as well. The evidence of the fly disproves the Evolutionary notion of there being “no rabbits in the Cambrian”, i.e., species are found at distinct periods of time with no modern species being found where they should not be. With the fossil Caddis Fly being found outside its period of history, this pours doubt on this notion.

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