Saturday, 21 March 2009


Hello and welcome to the Journal of Imaginary Sciences. This blog is dedicated to satirising the claims of pseudo-science institutes such as Homeopathy, Creationism, Intelligent Design, Psychics, Astrology and all those little things people use to con those with a limited understanding of the scientific method.

I have spent a few years discussing Creationism on the internet as well as studying (both for a degree and for pleasure) Evolution and the scientific method. Currently I am training to become a chemistry teacher and with this, my fascination for what constitutes as ?good science? has arisen again. In my articles I hope to outline the straw men that these pseudo-scientists create in order to exploit the hopes and fears of ordinary people.

I would like to iterate that this blog is solely about the pseudo-sciences. Whilst I would enjoy people emailing me with stories they wish to contribute to this blog, I will not accept anything that constitutes as simple attacks on religion, unless it concerns itself with pseudo-sciences, for example, Creationist claims from organisations such as Answers In Genesis. I would rather concentrate on making these claims appear ridiculous in order to defuse arguments against ?good science? than attacking religions. It is not the purpose of this blog and it demeans those religious people such as Kenneth Miller who have spent time denouncing the works of pseudo-scientists.

As this is the first week, I am displaying two articles of my own, The Endothermic Candle and the Petition of Pseudo-Scientists. With these I am posting this introduction, another article on Lenski?s Letter to Conservapedia and the news from this week. Each week I will post one of my own articles (along with any contributions from others that are suitable) and a post on the news. Unfortunately, I do not have the time nor energy to do more as I have to do other things, such as my course.

I would like to thank my friends as well for encouraging me to make this blog. I would also like to thank especially my tutor, Jim Wilson who gave me the ideas for the first article and suggested how to improve it. I hope everyone enjoys this and it makes you realise the world really is an incredibly silly place.


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