Saturday, 21 March 2009

Journal of Imaginary Sciences Vol 1 (2009)

The Endothermic Candle
Sam C. Carter. BSc, MBuSh

Department of Bogus Science, The Unseen University, Duncomedy, BO08 1ES


An experiment in measuring the Enthalpy of a candle reveals that fire can be an endothermic reaction. This pours doubt on the claim of flames being an exothermic reaction only.


In order to test this hypothesis, a candle was placed under a beaker of water. A thermometer was placed in this beaker and linked to a data logger to record the temperature change on a laptop using the program LogIT. The candle was then lighted and the time against temperature was recorded for several minutes.


Humans have been using fire for centuries as a method of keeping warm due to the supposed exothermic properties of combustion. Combustion is seen as an exothermic reaction as the making of the new bonds results in energy being given out as a flame. However, since flames are generally seen as an exothermic product, no one has thought to test this claim.

Candles can be seen to be endothermic as shadows grow longer when we use them for light. Dr I. Amalooney predicted that this was due to the possibility of the candle?s structure making up anti-energy bonds, absorbing energy from its surroundings. Unfortunately, the general scientific community has discounted these ideas as ravings from a madman since they were written on toilet paper and produced in the International Journal of Creation Science. Unfortunately, this has led people to discount the possibility and incorporate combustion into the scientific dogma of Energetics.


The results from the LogIT graph clearly show a decrease in temperature, demonstrating the ability for the candle to draw the heat from the water and surroundings. Bob Doubt (BBuSh) recorded a significant lowering of light levels in the laboratory as well as a significant weight gain on the Boll Ocks scales.


The candle showed clear endothermic properties, taking heat in from the surrounding sources. This clearly shows the levels of genius that I am able to achieve in the Bogus Sciences. As an encore I shall be proving next week that Gravity does not exist and instead Intelligent Falling is present...

Evaluation (written by Dr A. Skeptic)

Unfortunately S.C.Carter's results were the result of too much use of the hallucinogenic substances him and B.Doubt kept using in the lab. The results were skewed by a previous reaction which warmed up the beaker before the candle was used, which was of insufficient heat to warm up the beaker as it was too far away. For the safety of the public, the two ?scientists? in question have safely been removed from public life.

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