Sunday, 26 April 2009

Busy, busy, busy......

Hello and welcome back from the two week hiatus of JIS. My apologies for not posting last Saturday but I have been busy the entire week with my course and whilst I enjoy this, real life comes first.

I’ve done one story so far, but there will be another one tomorrow or later on today. After that, the postings should continue on normally.

During Easter I visited Belgium to see my girlfriend. I had a lot of fun, roaming round, seeing places like Ghent, etc. One of the best bits was the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum in Brussels. In all, I enjoyed it. The exhibits were amazing and whilst I’m not used to paying for Museums, it was worth seeing some great collections.

The museum was great at providing interactions at many levels. A variety of displays including interactive ones were included and this meant that it was entertaining and informative for adults and children. The display on Evolution was also great as it provided many opportunities to learn about natural history and how animals evolved and in what ways.

One thing I particularly liked at some of the exhibits was the use of four languages to describe certain exhibits. For the Evolution and Dinosaurs exhibit, information Dutch, French, German and English were present and I was thankful for the thoughtfulness of the museum staff, especially as the English was well-written. After seeing this, I would enjoy seeing this in other museums, as I’ve very rarely seen in British displays. It would be nice to have, in the EU, a requirement that well-written English, German and French are put on displays in addition to the local language to encourage foreign visitors. Unfortunately, there were some displays which weren’t up to date to include this and as a result I was left disappointed when viewing the Prehistory section (Human Evolution). Hopefully, if I get chance to visit again, this will have been rectified.

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