Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hitler the Creationist

Journal of Imaginary Sciences Vol 8 (2009),

Hitler the Creationist

The Creationism vs Evolution debate was plunged into new depths today as Evolutionary biologists resorted to publishing notes stating that Hitler was a Creationist. Whilst this has been known for some time, it seems that the supporters of the Theory of Evolution apparently have been shouting insults and jibes at the shocked Creationists.

Reports of “You’re a Nazi and you know you are” and “My tropical fish are laughing at you” chants have been shouted by the supporters of Darwin’s theory. Creationists such as Ken Ham and Kent Hovind discussed this new ad hominen attack approach by the “Evolutionists”.

“Well I’m completely and utterly baffled by this hostility towards us” stated an upset Ken Ham. “We’ve been treating these misguided people with respect for years and now we are getting these horrible and ungodly jibes at us. I’ve had crowds singing the Flintstones theme song all day at me……”

Likewise Kent Hovind has been calling for Evolutionists to cease their jibes. In a statement on his website, published by friends of the Texan state prisoner, he states that:

“This attack on the creationist view point is nothing more than an invocation of Godwin’s Law. The use of Hitler in this argument merely speaks of their inability to fufill the task set upon them to prove Evolution works according to my test.”

Unfortunately, when Evolutionists were asked to comment upon this, the replies tended towards the vulgar. However, one person stated:

“I’m not entirely sure you should be treating the words of “Dr Dino” with respect, especially as he is a tax-dodging diploma-mill graduate.”

As we can tell, this vicious and unprovoked attack on creationists looks set to continue further.

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