Saturday, 4 April 2009

Psychic Surgeon removes three hearts from patient.

Journal of Imaginary Sciences Vol 7 (2009),

Psychic Surgeon removes three hearts from patient.

A Psychic Surgeon today has come under fire as he managed to remove not one but three hearts from the patient he was operating on. Dr Nograles managed to remove these hearts from the patient who was not aware at all that he possessed 4 hearts.

The patient, who wishes to remain anonymous stated:

“I’d only came in to have my gallstones removed by this man, but when I looked down he seemed to be around my chest, but I couldn’t feel anything. Then I noticed he pulled out a heart and then another and another and another. I tell you, my remaining heart nearly stopped then!”

Psychic Surgery as carried out in the Phillipines, refers to the practice of the healers carrying out operations with no anaesthetic, no pain and miraculously, no scars. Often it is thought to be sleight of hand as the magician James Randi has shown.

The hospital stated:

“The doctor in question was completely incompetent. He should have realised that this man was no “Time Lord” and that three removed hearts would be noticed, especially as he was only meant to produce gallstone! As a result, he has been sent for retraining at the Magic Circle”.

Dr Nograles was unavailable for comment.


  1. Definitely not. The post was a satirisation of their practices. For more info see James Randi on the subject.

  2. This is too much scary to make people run away from any such practice even performed by a proper gifted professional.