Saturday, 4 April 2009

Journal of Imaginary Sciences Vol 6 (2009),

Ben Stein saved by Science!

The actor, Ben Stein, who is known for his out-spoken views against science, had life-saving surgery yesterday as it was revealed he had suffered from appendicitis.

Ben Stein had the surgery late last night as he was rushed to hospital in Beverly Hills complaining of bad stomach pains. There, doctors found that his appendix was inflamed and close to bursting. As a result, he was immediately operated on in a routine surgical procedure which is carried out regularly. The surgery was hailed a success and Ben Stein is currently recovering quietly in hospital.

Ben Stein is noted for his out-spoken view against the influence of science in society, stating that “science leads you to killing people” on an interview with Paul Crouch Jr for Trinity Broadcasting Network. Despite this, his wife, Alexandra Denman expressed her and her husband’s gratitude for the work of the doctors and surgeons who successfully treated Ben Stein’s problem. Ben Stein was also reported to have said he felt like he maybe had made a mistake with the interview for Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Whilst this is certainly an ironic situation, this case certainly highlights that no matter whether people disagree with scientific ideas such as Evolution and the Big Bang, science is a major, life-saving part of people’s lives.

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